Mycelium Knitting Worshop

Seminar Sommersemester 2023

Textiles have inspired architects for decades. From ornamental aspects in early modern times to developments in composite materials today. But could textile production techniques influence the way we build and design spaces?

In this block seminar we will explore knitting as a lever for designing and constructing spaces from mycelial composites.

Mycelium is the root-like structure of fungi which, when cultivated on organic particles (hemp shives, wood dust, etc.), can form a building material with properties similar to cork. Due to the emergence of the material during the cultivation process, all the parameters we normally associate with the cultivation of plants (humidity, sunlight, temperature, etc.) can have a crucial role in the formation of the material. These parameters will also influence the way we construct, design and imagine the spaces created with this living organism.

Semester schedule:

All meetings takes place in Future Material Lab

[FuMaLab, University of Stuttgart, Echterdinger Straße 57, Bau 10]



First meeting Friday, 21.04.2023 15:00 – 17:00

Preparatory meetings with lectures and introductory workshops:

Fridays, 15:00-18:00,

28.04.2023, 5.05.2023, 12.05.2023

Block-seminar building workshop: 23-26.05.2023

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