Train station with connection to the history of the earth

Design studio winter semester 2020/2021

In Schöningen in Lower Saxony, on the edge of a former opencast lignite mine, a new railroad station is to be built as a hub for various autonomous modes of transport. The special appeal of the design task lies on the one hand in its location, which offers an extraordinary insight into the history of the earth, and on the other hand in its novel function as an interface between current technology and nature and between rail and road. The new railroad station will serve as a rail connection for settlements around the Elm and will provide a feeder for an equally autonomous rail traffic. Its design is intended to develop a prototypical solution for linking autonomous transport, especially in rural areas.


Dates: Thursdays, 14:00-17:00

Teaching staff: Honorary Professor Friedrich Grimm, Professor Tjark Siefkes/DLR

max. number of participants: 15 (Master/Bachelor)

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