Most building materials are based on inorganic substances extracted from the soil. These resources are limited. Sand, for example, which is needed for the production of concrete, is in danger of running out in the next few years. Building materials, which were used in the last century to a rapidly increasing extent in the construction industry, will no longer be available in the future due to their scarcity and the burden on the climate. 

In addition, global population growth will increase the demand for buildings. Research and development of new building materials is therefore essential. Renewable raw materials, renewable building materials and bio-based materials will determine the future of construction.

In the seminar we will deal with a fast growing biomaterial that is still largely unexplored for building. Mycelium is a potential building material that stands out due to its special properties such as very favourable fire and insulation properties. We will investigate how the material can be produced and how it can be used to construct components or even rooms. Part of the seminar will be the development, production and building of a construction or mock-up in scale 1:1.

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