Envelope systems for extreme climate zones

Seminar winter semester 2019 / 2020

The seminar will be offered as a deepening of the draft "Visitor Center for the World Seed Archive on Spitsbergen" and is an integral and obligatory part of the course. Only design participants will be admitted to the seminar.

The facade as a boundary layer between interior and exterior space contributes decisively to the positive energy balance of a building and, especially in arctic regions, represents the border between habitable and hostile environment. It can contribute passively, i.e. through shading, orientation, storage mass etc., but also actively through energy generation, to minimizing the energy consumption of a building. It must be able to adapt to the different requirements of midnight sun and polar night in Spitsbergen, but also to the individual needs of the users, i.e. it must be "adaptive".

Against this background, the seminar will examine different construction principles of facades for extreme climates. On the basis of the concepts and solutions developed in the draft, the envelope construction is to be worked on and presented in more detail. The seminar will be accompanied in the form of workshops and a two-day company stay by facade specialists from Gartner.


Teaching staff: Prof. Martin Ostermann + staff of the chair

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