Construction with foam

Seminar winter semester 2019 / 2020

Foam is a multitude of gaseous bubbles adhering to each other and enclosed by solid or liquid walls. Foam has no edges, nor does it have any solid contours or a describable shape. It is ephemeral, unstable, porous, dissolves. Foam yields to pressure, is light and soft. Its structure is non-directional, it is freely formable and workable. It reacts unpredictably, reflects sound, absorbs and dampens.
In the seminar foam will be examined as a space-forming material. The basic material is a bio-based, industrially compostable rigid foam, which is currently used in the packaging industry. From foaming to heating to cutting, we will explore the possibilities of material production and processing. The aim is to develop modular system components that can be combined to form a space-creating structure. Special attention is required to develop details for joining the material which, despite its softness, allow a secure connection. Digital and analog manufacturing techniques are used to produce the modules.


Teaching staff: Prof. Martin Ostermann + staff of the chair

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