Climate Center 55°

Design studio winter semester 2020/2021

The change in global warming can be felt all over the world. The constantly rising temperatures have a particularly strong impact in extreme climate zones, where living and housing is becoming increasingly difficult. The United Arab Emirates are located in an extremely hot climate zone. As one of the largest producers of fossil fuels, they would like to initiate a rethinking process. The Emirate of Sharjah, which owns a large part of the Emirates' desert landscape, is striving to establish a science center that will make climate change a central issue. In a scientific exhibition house, an awareness of the problems of an increasingly warm climate zone, but also of technical solutions for combating global warming, is to be created. 

The 55th degree of longitude, on which the science center will be located, will serve as the central theme. The historical, current and probably future climate zones along the 55th degree are shown. In an interactive exhibition on the subject of climate, visitors will be introduced to the technical and scientific relationships and phenomena of the climate along the 55th degree of longitude through playful experimentation. The extreme conditions of the prevailing climate in Sharjah are also to be worked on as a creative and constructive element in the architectural design of the science center. The building will become part of the exhibition, in which the effects of the climate on architecture will be readable. Topics such as resource consumption, materials, energy, sustainability, but also cultural conditions and historical architectural characteristics are important criteria that should become part of the design concept. Therefore, in addition to the conceptual planning, a constructive elaboration of the structure, shell and technology is required.

Students of international design must also develop an intensive examination of the cultural and country-specific customs.

The design is coupled with the seminar "Building in extreme climate zones", which must also be taken.

For Bachelor students, this course is offered exclusively as International Design or as a Bachelor's thesis.

Dates: Thursdays, 14:00-17:00

Teaching staff: Prof. Martin Ostermann and academic staff

max. number of participants: 12 Master + 8 Bachelor

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