Building integration of solar heat generation

Seminar winter semester 2019 / 2020

How can we heat our cities in the medium term without using fossil fuels (oil and gas)?
One of the few renewable energy sources available for this purpose is the sun. In order to generate enough heat for heating, the roof surfaces are not sufficient, especially in multi-storey buildings. Therefore, facades must also be activated for solar heat generation. Concepts are therefore sought for how systems for solar heat generation can be integrated into common facade constructions.
At the beginning of the seminar several lectures introduce the topic. The following analysis of the existing possibilities and products for a solar thermal building integration will present the current state of the art in an exemplary way. Based on these results, concepts for the use of solar thermal systems in facade constructions will be examined. The aim is to develop a concept for a high-quality, yet cost-effective architectural solution that allows for building-integrated solar heat generation.


Teaching staff: Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Mangold

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