Seminar summer semester 2020

What does the future of our building materials look like? Global population growth and the threat of climate change call for a radical rethink of today's building materials. Renewable raw materials, renewable and bio-based materials will determine the future of construction. In the seminar Mycostructure we will deal with a fast growing biomaterial, which is still largely unexplored for building. Mycelium is a potential building material, which, due to its special characteristics, such as very
favorable fire and insulation properties, stands out. We will investigate how the material is produced, how it can be used to construct components or even rooms and how these could be used in practice.
We will focus on the use of textile formwork for the production of components made of mycelium. These are not only advantageous for growing constructions, but also make it possible to realize complex shapes relatively easily. In cooperation with the Fachverband der Stuckateure für Ausbau und Fassade
we plan to build a 1:1 mockup towards the end of the seminar to test the properties of the mycelium components. In this context, the possibilities of implementation in existing designs will be investigated.
The seminar builds on the findings of the seminar "Growing constructions" of SS 2019. Basic knowledge in Rhino 3D and Grashopper is advantageous. The seminar is recommended as an in-depth supplement to the design/project work "Tesla- Tower".

Teaching staff: Eliza Biala, Piotr Fabirkiewicz, Andreas Greiner

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