Envelope systems in extreme climate zones

Seminar winter semester 2020/2021

The seminar is offered as a deepening of the draft "55° Climate Center in Sharjah/VAE" and is an integral and obligatory part of the course. Only design participants are admitted to participate. 

Progressive global warming forces a large part of the world population to live under extreme temperature conditions. Architects are called upon to develop innovative technical solutions for this life in extreme climate zones. One approach for innovation is the building envelope, which separates the human living space from the natural environment. Throughout history, people have developed unique ways of constructing the building envelope in order to survive in a hostile environment. While modern technologies such as air conditioning have brought about a change in living comfort, they have also led to a drastic increase in energy demand and an acceleration of climate change. Traditional methods were based on a passive approach and did not lead to additional energy consumption. Modern building technologies can not only provide passive protection, but also make an active contribution to energy generation. In this seminar we will learn about new technologies, building materials and design methods and investigate how to deal with increasingly extreme climate changes.

The first part of the seminar will focus on research into significant climate aspects of deserts and their impact on the design of the building envelope. The results of this research part will help the participants to design the specific details in buildings, which will later be described and deepened in a design report. Participants will learn about digital design tools for modeling the building envelope.

The seminar is an integral part of the draft "Building in extreme climate zones: 55° Climate Museum in Sharjah/UAE" and cannot be booked separately.

Dates: Thursdays, 11:00-12:30

Teaching staff: Prof. Martin Ostermann and academic staff

max. number of participants: 12 Master + 8 Bachelor

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