Second Life Structures - Expo Pavilion 2020 in Stuttgart City

Design studio winter semester 2018 / 2019

Architecture beyond the life cycle of a building is the theme of this design studio. In the future, permanent will no longer be a basic requirement for buildings, but buildings must be able to react to constantly changing environments and living conditions, e.g. due to climate change, migration or the arrival of the digital into the world of work and life. In response, we must develop architectures in whose constructions future changes are inscribed from the day they are created. In 2020, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates will host the world exhibition Expo2020. As one of 180 exhibiting nations, the German pavilion will present positions on the topics of mobility, sustainability and future potential. The task is to design a German Expo Pavilion for the desert location Dubai, which will be relocated to an urban site in Stuttgart after the World Expo. The result should be a building that can adapt to these two very different locations. Exemplary for self-sufficient constructions, designs are to be developed that are based on prefabricated, soft-modular systems that can be dismantled, transported and reassembled. It will be investigated how adaptations to the different locations and uses can be realized, how the buildings expand or contract in order to open up to new spatial conditions, the complexity of an urban context, other climatic requirements and new uses.





Selected works by students

Meike Greiter

Externe Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter

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