Tesla Tower

Design studio summer semester 2020

Every revolution brings forth new architecture. Architecture becomes the hallmark of a new world. Like Vladimir Tatlin's constructivist monument, the Tatlin Tower, whose spiral 400 m double-helix construction was to be an expression of modernity, an architectural expression is to be found for the electrical revolution of the present. In Grünheide near Berlin, a new factory building for electric cars will be constructed - the so-called Gigafactory. Here, new electric cars will be built that promise CO2-neutral mobility. We want to develop an exhibition tower that conveys the new mobility and deals with contradictions, such as the clearing of a forest plot for the construction of the gigafactory. The architecture of the tower should be as radical as the renewal of mobility. The Tesla Tower is to be developed from constructions that produce a minimal carbon footprint. New renewable and resource-saving biomaterials made of mycelium or lightweight constructions made of textiles will be used. We recommend to take the seminar "Mycostructure" or "Textile Skins" in connection with the design of the Tesla Tower.


Teaching staff: Prof. Martin Ostermann and academic staff




Selected works of students

Moritz Hetterich

Wolfram Harle

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